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Geoffrey Wansell



Geoffrey Wansell

David Suchet


Here are two YouTube links - one a book signing at Goldsboro Books and the second one is the Q and A David Suchet gave with Geoffrey on Playing Poirot
after the preview of Dead Man's Folly at the British Film Institute.

'Poirot and Me' has now been published and can be purchased at £20 by following this link to the Headline site: Headline Publishing.

It can also be purchased from all good bookshops and online - including a Kindle edition - from Amazon by clicking on the following link:

'Poirot and Me' by David Suchet with Geoffrey Wansell

After publication on November 7, 'Poirot and Me' went straight into 10th place on The Sunday Times Hardback Bestsellers List!

Bestsellers list.

David Suchet and Geoffrey Wansell:

"We are thrilled to be given this chance by Headline to bring his portrayal of Hercule Poirot to life for his millions of fans around the world. It's a wonderful – and rare – opportunity for a character actor to be able to explain his life and craft and exactly how he brought such a famous character to television audiences in more than eighty countries."

'Poirot and Me' was published by Headline on 7 November 2013, and less than three weeks later made its first appearance in the Sunday Times Bestseller list at Number 10.

David and Geoffrey have made appearances and signed copies at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham, Chepstow in Wales, Chorleywood in Berkshire and Alleyns School in Dulwich, south east London.

Their next appearance and signing will be at the Theatre Royal in Harrogate, Yorkshire in the evening of 10 December 2013, following the Daily Mail Literary Lunch in London that day.

Further signings are planned for Guilford in Surrey and one Central London bookshop.

Here below are two extracts from the book - the first one is from the begining of the book:

"It is a damp, chill Friday morning in November and I am feeling old, very old; so old indeed, that I am on the brink of death. I have lost two stone in weight, my face is the colour of aged parchment, and my hands are gnarled like human claws.
I am about to breathe my last as Agatha Christie's idiosyncratic Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, who has been part of my life as an actor for almost a quarter of a century. I have played him in no fewer than sixty-five television films, and I am about to bid him farewell.

It is, quite simply, one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, even though I am, of course, only an actor playing a part. Poirot's death is to take place on sound stage A at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, twenty miles or so north-west of London, at eleven o'clock in the morning on this November day. I am in the middle of the great, echoing stage where Poirot is to meet his end in this, his last case "Curtain".

Another extract:

“He was as real to me as he had been to her, a great detective, a remarkable man, if, perhaps, just now and then, a little irritating. He had inhabited my life every bit as much as he must have done hers as she wrote thirty-three novels, more than fifty short stories, and a play about him – making Poirot the most famous fictional detective in the world alongside Sherlock Holmes.
But how had it come to this? How had I come to inhabit his morning jacket and pin-striped trousers, his black patent leather shoes and his elegantly brushed grey Homburg hat for so many years? What brought us together? Was there something in me that found a particular echo in this short, tubby man in his sixties given to pince-nez and saying ‘chut’ instead of ‘ssh’?
Looking back now, these many years later, I suspect in my heart there was.”

“In the end Brian and I came up with a moustache that we both thought exactly conveyed what Dame Agatha had in mind – a small, neat, carefully waxed one that curled upwards at each end, and where the tip of each of end of the moustache would be level with the tip of my nose. For us it was the best-looking waxed moustache in England, and exactly what Hercule Poirot must have.”

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