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Geoffrey Wansell

The Blood Ties Podcasts

Blood Ties

Molly Wansell

Episode 1

The Teacup Poisoner

To hear further episode's, please follow the links provided below.
You can also hear and download all the episodes by following this link to iTunes.

Episode 2: The Wedding Day Massacre.

Episode 3: The Third Female Serial Killer,
Joanna Dennehy.

Episode 4: The Ordinary Abductor.

Episode 5: The Sneighton Strangler.

Episode 6: The Bus Stop Killer.

Episode 7: The Snuff Porn Addict.

Episode 8: The One Eyed Gangster.

Episode 9: The Child Snatcher.

Episode 10: The Twilight Teenagers.

Episode 11: The Bluebeard Killer.

Episode 12: The Hair in the Hand Killer.

Episode 13: I Kill Cops.

Episode 14: The Cross Bow Cannibal.

Episode 15: The Grindr Killer.

Episode 16: The Railway Killers Part 1.

Episode 17: The Railway Killers Part 2.

Episode 18: The Stirland Murders.

Episode 19: The Last Woman Hanged in Britain.

Episode 20: Bible John.

Episode 21: Jack the Stripper.

Episode 22: Firebrand.

Episode 23: Who Killed Jill Dando?

Episode 24: The Killing of Joanna Yeates.

Episode 25: 10 Rillington Place.

Episode 26: 10 Rillington Place II.

Episode 27: The World's End Killer.



Murder By The Sea

Currently, Geoffrey is filming a six part TV series for CBS Reality Original called "Murder by the Sea". Geoffrey Wansell on the Pier at Blackpool
CBS Reality commisioned Monster Films - the same team behind last year's ratings hit "Voice of a Serial Killer", which was also presented by Geoffrey - to produce this new series.
The 6 x 60 minute series, will examine some of the strangest and most terrifying murders ever recorded in British criminal history taken place at the UK’s famous seaside resorts; locations which, despite their associations with carefree holiday making, have also played host to the most remarkable crimes of murder.
Cases and featured locations include: Stephen Akinmurele of Blackpool, who remains Britain’s most prolific young serial killer; Paul Longworth, the former Commodore of Southport Sailing Club who murdered his wife claiming she had committed suicide; and Terry Clifton, who was jailed for life for Morecambe’s so-called ‘Garage Murders’.

Click here for a preview of "Murder By The Sea".

This new and exclusive CBS Reality Original series is set to premiere on
Monday 21st May at 10pm on CBS Reality - Sky 146, Virgin 148 and Freeview 135



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