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Geoffrey and Molly will be giving a live podcast at
The Oxford House Theatre
Bethnal Green
8th December - 7pm-10pm
Please click on the following link
Bloodties Live to buy tickets!



Geoffrey Wansell

The Blood Ties Podcasts

Blood Ties

Molly Wansell

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Episode 1: The Teacup Poisoner


To hear further episode's, please follow the links provided below.
You can also hear and download all the episodes from iTunes by clicking this link to iTunes.

Episode 2: The Dore Wedding Day Massacre.

Episode 3: The Third Female Serial Killer.

Episode 4: The Ordinary Abductor.

Episode 5: The Sneighton Strangler.

Episode 6: The Bus Stop Killer.

Episode 7: The Snuff Porn Addict.

Episode 8: The One Eyed Gangster.

Episode 9: The Child Snatcher.

Episode 10: The Twilight Teenagers.

Episode 11: The Bluebeard Killer.

Episode 12: The Hair in the Hand Killer.

Episode 13: I Kill Cops.

Episode 14: The Cross Bow Cannibal.

Episode 15: The Grindr Killer.

Episode 16: The Railway Killers Part I

Episode 17: The Railway Killers Part II.

Episode 18: Lee Rigby's Killers.

Episode 19: The Stirland Murders.

Episode 20: The Last Woman Hanged in Britain.

Episode 21: Bible John.


Episode 22: Jack the Stripper.

Episode 23: Firebrand.

Episode 24: Who Killed Jill Dando?

Episode 25: The Killing of Joanna Yeates.

Episode 26: 10 Rillington Place.

Episode 27: 10 Rillington Place II

Episode 28: The World's End Killer.

Episode 29: The Mysterious Mr Kipper.

Episode 30: The Wests Part I

Episode 31: The Devil's Disciple.

Episode 32: Mary Bell.

Episode 33: The Wests Part II

Episode 34: The Babes in the Wood.

Episode 35: Dr Death, Harold Shipman.

Episode 36: Stefano Brizzi, The Cannibal Killer.

Episode 37: The Smirking Mini-Cab Killer.

Episode 38: The Green Chain Killer.

Episode 39: The Monster Butler.

Episode 40: The Northumbrian Manhunt.

Episode 41: The Real Peaky Blinders.

Episode 42: The Scalp Hunter.


Episode 43: Moors Murders Part I

Episode 44: Moors Murders Part II

Episode 45: The Brides in the Bath.

Episode 46: The Ungrateful Son.

Episode 47: Ted Bundy, Part I

Episode 48: Ted Bundy, Part II

Episode 49: The Angel of Death.

Episode 50: Robert Black.

Episode 51: Ed Kemper Part I

Episode 52: Ed Kemper Part II

Episode 53: The Beast of Manchester.

Episode 54: Lord Lucan.

Episode 55: The Soham Murders.

Episode 56: The Stockwell Strangler.

Episode 57: The Bullseye Killer.

Episode 58: Dr Crippen.

Episode 59: John Wayne Gacy Part I

Episode 60: John Wayne Gacy Part II

Episode 61: The A6 Murders.

Season Finale: The Suffolk Strangler.

Jack the Ripper: Come to our live show!

The True Crime Podcast, Blood Ties, was recently Number 57 on the i Tunes chart. It was an episode we recorded over Christmas about Frederick and Rosemary West. We are just beginning to get some cross-promotion with other podcasts, and currently have an average of 35, 000 downloads a week!!

Murder By The Sea

Currently, Geoffrey is filming a six part TV series for CBS Reality Original called "Murder by the Sea". Geoffrey Wansell on the Pier at Blackpool
CBS Reality commisioned Monster Films - the same team behind last year's ratings hit "Voice of a Serial Killer", which was also presented by Geoffrey - to produce this new series.
The 6 x 60 minute series, will examine some of the strangest and most terrifying murders ever recorded in British criminal history taken place at the UK’s famous seaside resorts; locations which, despite their associations with carefree holiday making, have also played host to the most remarkable crimes of murder.
Cases and featured locations include: Stephen Akinmurele of Blackpool, who remains Britain’s most prolific young serial killer; Paul Longworth, the former Commodore of Southport Sailing Club who murdered his wife claiming she had committed suicide; and Terry Clifton, who was jailed for life for Morecambe’s so-called ‘Garage Murders’.

Click here for a preview of "Murder By The Sea".

This new and exclusive CBS Reality Original series is set to premiere on
Monday 21st May at 10pm on CBS Reality - Sky 146, Virgin 148 and Freeview 135

The second series of six one hour episodes of "Murder by the Sea" started on 8 January 2019 on CBS Reality, which is Channel 148 on Freeview. It is running at the moment, playing at 10 pm on Tuesday evenings, with repeats on Sunday evenings at 11pm, as well as other repeats in the early hours. It is also available on Catch Up TV for CBS Reality.

Geoffrey has just finished filming the third series of six one hour shows, which are provisionally scheduled to play each night during the Easter break (though that has yet to be confirmed). Once again they feature murders that have taken place in British seaside towns. The shows are among the most popular on the channel.



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